New Loves in London (cont'd)...


Referred to as Europe's first vertical city,
The Shard, at 1,016 feet, is spectacular 
and most definitely has changed the London skyline.
photo source
The inauguration video gives some insight into its unique qualities.

Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door 
and once through security, 
you will greet no less than twenty friendly faces 
who will guide you through the maze of elevators necessary to ascend to the 69th floor…
where enclosed glass provides a panorama of the city.
You can make your way up to the 72nd floor…
for a sense of adventure and some fresh air.

In order to explore the restaurants on the 33rd floor,
you must go all the way down,
exit the building,
and around to another entrance where you enter yet another elevator.

Out of the three,
we chose Hutong Restaurant, for a taste of their cocktails  
made with ingredients used in traditional Chinese medicine. 
Although the drinks were interesting concoctions,
the toilets steal the show.
You know my obsession with public toilets 
and how they can be deal breakers of an otherwise tasty restaurant.
Well, this, hands down, 
is the best public toilet I have ever set foot in.
From the view when you walk in, 
to the colorful stall doors 
and the London Bridge twinkling at dusk below while washing my hands, 
it is breathtaking.

No visit to the Shard should take place without eating or drinking at Hutong 
just to visit the ladies room.  
Ren Man informed me the urinals face outwards 
and it took every ounce of restraint not to see that for myself.

Happy Thursday.

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