New Loves in London…(cont'd)

...and now for our tasty discoveries while wandering about.

After our lovely time viewing London from 72 floors up,
we wandered back over to the area where we had been earlier for the Secret Cinema 
and found a small intimate… 
An awesome day in London ended with amazing pasta and pizza
necessary to fuel our next day of visa renewal,
which promised to be a marathon.


Being from Texas where burgers rule…
we have challenged the UK to provide some type of substitute for our time here.
I think we may have found it at Meatmarket.

While Ren Man may have ordered incorrectly and remains luke warm,
I am here to tell you...
and more.
In fact, Texas needs to start working now on something that compares.
I am still licking my fingers.
Nuff said.


This discovery was shared with my visiting Ya-Ya who is a self-described picky eater
 and she will confer on our love for the original location of this Chinese restaurant.
The minimalism almost caused us to miss it,
but wow are we glad we were hungry enough to persist.
Any restaurant combining Dim sum with a tasting menu is worth my time and money.

Ya-Ya had just arrived with preconceived notions about London's food scene
 as a result of misinformation from well meaning friends 
when her eyes grew wider with every course.

I have already booked a table 
for 'the foodie's' visit later this month.

Every visit to London is truly…
so diverting.

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