New Loves in London…

Although it felt a bit like cheating on our long time love of Borough Market,
well, new to us anyway.
Brixton Market offers some amazing foodie finds, and a bonus
you can actually sit down and enjoy your goodies.
We will be back.

Since we had only recently returned from Venice, it was quite amusing when we realized 
our One Fine Stay home away from home was a few steps away from London's own Little Venice.
These canals meandering through London
 are another charming aspect of one of my favorite cities.

Because there is sooooo much to see and do in London,
I always forget about the coolness of the River Thames,
and how a walk along its banks calms the soul.

At sunset…
even with runners weaving around me like a traffic cone,
fail to distract from the fact that…
life is good.

Happy Tuesday.

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  1. Did you do the canal boat ride? It's not that great :-/ nothing like the real venice!


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