"Venice, the most touristy place in the world, is still just completely magic to me." ~ Frances Mayes

about Venice.

Over a month ago,
Valentine's Day to be exact,
Ren Man and I jaunted off to the city of love.
The timing might be corny, I know…
 but it is a magical city.
What's not to like about a city with no cars.
If the crowds in February are any indication of what summer brings,
our winter visit was a smart choice.
Because of its proximity to our B&B,
the Piazza San Marco drew us into its people watching possibilities. 
Napoleon referred to this large public square as the 'drawing room of Europe'.
The clock is most impressive with its roman numeral time and zodiac calendar.
Definately a place full of activity 'round the clock.
Get it?

Happy Thursday.

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  1. Love Venice, love your pics :) I met my husband in Italy and we used to visit Venice regularly. Great post!


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