Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

What an interesting word, object.
  1. 1.
    a material thing that can be seen and touched.
    "he was dragging a large object"

  2. 2.
    a person or thing to which a specified action or feeling is directed.
    "disease became the object of investigation"

  1. 1.
    say something to express one's disapproval of or disagreement with something.
    "residents object to the volume of traffic"

    While out exploring our newly discovered area of Edinburgh,
    we ran across this shop filled with many a cute object(s).
    Although I object to having to choose one object of my affection, if I am forced to choose one from this amazing shop, it would be the fox booties I walked away from.
    Housed in a one-time home
    Homer fills each room with vintage and new objects. 

    there is another, larger Homer with a book shop, gallery and coffee shop in Aberfeldy.
    Actually, located in the Watermill.
    I feel a road trip coming soon.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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