Throwback Thursday: A Family Odyssey

During our preparations, weeks before setting off on our journey across America, my research involved reading John Steinbeck's, Travels With Charley, In Search of America.

Special enough to be the eighth installment in my Top Ten.

"I had not heard the speech of America, smelled the grass and trees and sewage, seen its hills and water, its color and quality of light.  I knew the changes only from books and newspapers.  But more than this, I had not felt the country for twenty-five years." 
John Steinbeck

We had only been away from American for five years, but the desire still bubbled inside. 
The desire to see our country, 
a country we had heard others describe in ways we had never experienced.  
Somehow, they managed to see more of our country than we had.

Meanwhile, Chapter 3 of our odyssey is waiting HERE.

Have a wonderful Thursday.

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