"A winner never whines." ~ Paul Brown

Turns out it pays to be one of three entries
 in a contest awarding a gold, silver and bronze award.
A badge may not be real currency but in my world, very much appreciated.
My entry into Expat Blog Awards 2013 earned the bronze and I am not whining because regardless of the circumstance, I.am.a.winner.

Expat Blog Awards 2013 Contest Entry

My Top List for life in Scotland during the winter months 
has been rolling around my head ever since writing the piece.  
After receiving results of my annual physical while home over the holidays, 
my doctors concern over very low vitamin D count has me wondering.
How have the locals adapted to this?
Taking my five flippant suggestions into account, 
what do they do to prevent this deficiency?
Here are a few of my observations.
 Whether they have anything to do with this issue or not is still up for discussion.

1)  When the sun does pop out to say hello, and I wipe the dust off of my sunglasses to wear, 
I am the only person with them on.  At least until I bump into another expat.
Can eyes absorb essential vitamin D from sunlight?

2)  Wanting to add naturally vitamin D rich foods to my diet, 
I did some research and the top sources are oily fish.  
They eat a lot of oily fish here.  
Kippers for breakfast, smoked haddock at noon and salmon for dinner.  
Maybe not all in one day but often.

3)  They eat a lot of porridge.  Ren Man is a fan and his vitamin D level is normal.

Anywho, just rambling on about winter in Scotland…
without whining!

Meanwhile, the days are getting longer...
and these beauties are setting around 4:56 p.m.
On the downhill slide.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.

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