My Aberdeen Monday...

Ren Man and I drug our soggy bodies to the countryside...
for a lovely night spent toasting the...
found throughout Raemoir House Hotel.
We did not arrive by air but if that is your mode of travel, 
they have a spot waiting for you.

From the moment you enter this country house
you find everything you might need to explore and enjoy the grounds in all types of weather,
 only to be lured by the inside comforts…
you might find in a friends home.
A friend with a very large country home.
 Even the communal areas…
encourage time spent with other guests 
as Neil, the host, mingles about,
attentive to every one's needs.

 Here in Scotland,
 I enjoy the quaint practice of having the opportunity to look over the menu and order my meal 
while enjoying a cocktail in the 'drawing room' only to be 
 led into the dining room when my meal is ready.
More time in front of the crackling fire.

Here at Raemoir House, my eyes were drawn to its…
and one impressive chandelier,
before being pleasantly interrupted by an impressive meal.

After soaking up the warm ambiance with closed shutters and fire lit rooms 
we awoke the next morning to a sight for sore eyes.

 Constant gray skies had filled our days for two weeks
 and we found ourselves...
smiling into the blue skies like sun-worshipping maniacs.
Any blue sky…
or its reflection was snapshot worthy.
The sundial even woke up...
just in TIME to mention the upcoming Murder Mystery
 planned for March 14th at Raemoir House.
I can't think of a better venue for this event,
so give them a call for the details.
Other events involve dancing and fireworks on New Years Eve,
and year round Afternoon Tea, 
but once there you will want to hang around a bit.  
Why not drive out for a weekend,
 where a cozy spot is waiting for you.

Happy Monday.

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