"Looking after the guests on board Queen Mary 2 is what Cunard does best, and over the past decade the crew have served over 58 million meals, sufficient to feed the combined population of Hong Kong, Sydney, Cape Town and New York for an entire weekend. The 21.9 million cups of tea served on board to date would fill an Olympic swimming pool three times over. If the 2.7 million scones baked on board were stacked on top of each other, they’d reach 80 miles in height." ~ iafrica.com

Fortunately for me,
Ren Man encouraged our crossing.
An item on his mental 'bucket' list so to say.
After checking that one off,
the big question is whether we will become Cunardist's.
Aside from our tiny anxiety of congested daily schedules,
we did eventually fall into a comfortable routine 
and basked in the attention of the staff of this mighty ship.

Everyone is keen to hear about our voyage 
and I am still formulating a quick response so
Ren Man and I have been narrowing down our pros and cons.

Here are my top five pros 
of our Queen Mary 2 trans Atlantic crossing.
I adore the glamor of it all.
Even the informal nights require jackets for guys with ties optional 
and cocktail attire for ladies.
Seven nights of getting all gussied up was extraordinary.

Throughout the ship, you have a choice of
making these areas feel like quiet time at summer camp.
New friends playing cards.
Feet propped up with noses in books.
Old school writing with pencils and paper.

And then there is…
where our mornings began…
 soooooo relaxing.
If you make the crossing to the east, 
a starboard balcony is strongly encouraged 
for watching the sunrise.
Water, water everywhere…
 rocking your little floating city across the pond…
gently arriving jet-lag free in the UK. 
The most civilized way to travel.
No airports!
Having this guy all to myself for seven whole days and nights.
He was actually able to relax, 
disconnected from the everyday 'to do' lists demanded by the outside world.

If we were cruisers, we would be tempted to become Cunardists, sniff.
However, our love of the water and boating 
will most likely take place on smaller vessels with far fewer guests.

With that said...
 the Queen Mary 2 was quite the memorable experience and one I would heartily encourage.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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