"Queen Mary 2, and fleetmates Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth, are the only ships afloat to assign dining based on a class system. Or, to be more charitable, to assign passengers to dining rooms based on the cabins they occupy." ~ Cruise Critic

Unaware of this delineation between passengers,
I had to chuckle when first reading a reference to a 'two class ship'.
Say what?

The majority of the passengers dine in the beautiful Britannia restaurant…
at an early or late seating.
You choose one for the entire crossing.

In order to have a flexible, single dining option,
we chose our cabin accordingly...
and were reserved a table…
in the Queens Grill restaurant.

Our table mates were an added bonus to our crossing 
and we ended up meeting each evening in the adjoining bar
before sitting down for dinner.
We were fortunate to have seasoned 'Cunardists' at our table 
who introduced us to the lovely option of pre-ordering a special dessert 
for the following night.
We savored…
Crepe Suzette, 
followed by Cherries Jubilee with Baked Alaska,
 and then Ren Man introduced the table to Bananas Foster, 
all prepared table side by Oliver.

One evening we opted for a table in the Todd English restaurant
where our 'fallen' chocolate cake left quite an impression.
Food is never far away in one of the ten restaurants on board.
Of course,
breakfast delivered to our doorstep was always a good idea.

While passengers may dine in separate restaurants, 
they spend plenty of time rubbing elbows in the casino…
and enjoying entertainment in the Queen's Room…
where the action,
 like the ship's talent show and the Royal Ascot Ball, 
take place.
Our table mate John was the Belle of the Ball 
as we cheered him onto the dance floor 
after Helen clipped her fascinator onto his head.
He was a crowd favorite and ended up winning 'Best Hat'.
Well done, John.

Photo opportunities scattered throughout the ship…
equipped us with an alternative 
to the Titanic photo we had been unsuccessful at obtaining. 

Aboard QM2 there is first class dining and entertainment for all.

Happy Thursday.

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