My Aberdeen Mondays...

All I can say is WOW!
Our visit back home for Thanksgiving was fast and furious, 
but oh so lovely.
A healthy dose of family is good for the soul.

back in Aberdeen,
the feeling of Christmas is in the air and the festive lights all over town
help brighten things up a bit after the sun sets at 3:30 p.m.

Our book club group enjoyed the first Christmas lunch of the season 
down the coast in Stonehaven
 where I was able to finally take a closer look 
at the restaurant located inside The Marine Hotel.
  Established in 1884,
the restaurant offers amazing views of the harbor
 with a relaxed atmosphere for food and drink,
and has a brewery in Aberdeen known as Six °North.

It is also the perfect spot for a front row seat to view the Fireballs Ceremony
as the Hogmanay (New Year's) procession arrives at the harbor
 where the massive balls of fire are cast into the sea.

A unique idea for New Year's Eve if you haven't made plans yet.

Happy Monday…
it's great to be back. 

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