"I am proud that I have found my own, very personal imaginative way of decorating. I was raised in the love of Polish literature and history of art. In such an atmosphere there develops the sensitivity to beauty and curiosity about the world. Dear to me are both Impressionism with its ephemerally of feelings and Art Nouveau with its anxiety and asymmetry. I think that designing and searching for new, universal decorations for different works of pottery is a commercial form of taking from the heritage of Young Poland, a trend in the Polish literature of the turn of the 20th century in which the border between art and craft was obliterated." ~Maryla Iwicka, Master Signature Artist

about this Polish Pottery!
Before moving to Aberdeen I had never heard of such a thing.
 Many natives of Poland live in the UK so I have become aware of highly educated people who are living away from their homeland,
taking manual labor jobs to support their families back in Poland.

I am, on the other hand, quite familiar with pottery.
My home in Texas is filled with Talavera treasures acquired while living in Mexico, 
but who knew there were more colorful creations just waiting on the shelves of factory…
after factory
after factory,
in what used to be the small town of Bunzlau, Germany 
and now the city of Boleslawiec, Poland, 
known as the 'ceramics city'.

But I am getting ahead of myself.
Waking up way too early,
before the crack of dawn,
was the price we were willing to pay for an additional afternoon of shopping.
The airport in Frankfurt provided sustenance…
and a random surprise realization that my favorite hosiery was born in nearby Austria.

Our flight into Dresden took us even closer to our final destination…
where we picked up the perfect vehicle for all of our shopping needs.
Our men back home were a wee bit jealous of our ride 
and a few heads turned in town 
as six ladies with one solitary goal 
moved through the city with precision,
due to our excellent navigator and driver.
Thanks Susan and Jillian!

What began as simple dots…
known as the "Pfauenauge", or "Peacocks Eye"...
over the years has become…
and a feast for the eyes.

We were fortunate to see the pottery in its beginning stages…
before being placed on a shelf to wait…
for one of the artists…
 to choose their next canvas.
Some pieces are signed by the more famous craftsmen.

Needless to say,
each afternoon,
we shopped until the sun was setting
beyond the rooftops, 
as if beckoning us to enjoy the other factories on the horizon.

Happy Tuesday.

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