My Aberdeen Monday...

I will always be a student when it comes to antiques.
 Fortunately, a few friends here in Aberdeen have saved me from being duped on recent antique outings.

If I have a style at all, eclectic best describes the mixture of items in my home 
which still makes Steptoes Yard, my choice for scavenging.
However, every once in awhile it is refreshing to shop the aisles and stalls indoors where hands remain relatively clean and prices are revealed for all to see.

Recent discoveries while out and about have produced some mighty fine purchases.
A beautiful drive south to Perthshire, the SAAC  awaits for your shopping pleasure.
You have antiques, contemporary furniture and clothing, a food hall and a bistro all under one roof. 
I left with many treasures and one regret, 
breaking my one rule of life.
No regrets.
What was I thinking when I walked away from that leather suitcase with the initials of three family members?

Now, when I enter an antique shop, leather suitcases like these found in town at the Aberdeen Antiques Center torment me as I search in vain for a second chance.
Another spot in town, The Candle Close Gallery,
 you will find a few true antiques sitting humbly tucked away with style and self-knowledge,
 and the in-between.

So grab a few buddies and make a day of it...
"Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends."
~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Happy Monday!

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