"Fortnum and Mason is opening a dedicated Candle Room today, paying homage to the store's co-founder William Fortnum who sold candles to ladies of the court in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries." ~ Vogue, September 2, 2013

Unable to explain really,
after multiple visits to London I had not stepped foot...
into the Fortnum & Mason Picadilly Store...
until now.
In my eyes, this wonderland deserves an award for brilliant marketing, 
because the best-ever gentleman's section is amazing enough to interest even the least enthusiastic male in shopping while you zip off to explore the other four floors.
Liberty shares the best-ever title with its in-house barber shop.
On our most recent visit, wanting to make sure Ren Man had managed an appointment
before I dove into my shopping duties, I popped in downstairs 
to find him sitting in a leather chair reading the FT with beer in hand.
Ren Man is a fan of Liberty and the third floor of F&M,
which is quite the marketing accomplishment.

 Meanwhile, F&M has been around since 1707, selling teas and known as the
"original expert in portable provisions",
Beautifully stocked hampers, or picnic baskets as we call them back home.

 Since their 250th birthday in 1957, the fourth floor had been home to St. James Restaurant, 
until recently when HM the Queen herself opened the refurbished and newly named, Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon in honor of her 60th year on the throne.

Exploring the ground floor on an empty stomach is not advised.
Trust me on this, or risk leaving with all types of cheeses and cured meats,
maybe even a hamper full of food products.
Have a delicious weekend.

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