“When you have reached your fifteenth year,” said the grand-mother, “you will have permission to rise up out of the sea, to sit on the rocks in the moonlight, while the great ships are sailing by; and then you will see both forests and towns.” ~ Hans Christian Andersen

Why did Disney let me think the little mermaid...
 lived happily ever after with the prince?
That is so not-what-happens in the original story by Hans Christian Andersen...
who happens to be a pretty big deal in Copenhagen...
and is remembered every April 2nd, his birthday, on International Children's Book Day.
With so many fairy tales in his bibliography, it is hard to choose my favorite...
 but we did have our own 'little' mermaid one year for Halloween 
after seeing the happy ending Disney version, 
and she was so cute she required round the clock protection 
by one very tough sheriff.

the statue of The Little Mermaid turns 100 years old this year 
and she happens to share the same birthday as my mom, 
August 23rd, although my mom is a youngster in comparison.
Mom...your mermaid costume is in the mail and it is only fitting that you celebrate in style.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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