"Many foreigners have asked me how we made the Danish style. And I've answered that it...was rather a continuous process of purification, and for me of simplification..." ~ Hans Wegner

 My wild, unkept design style is challenged and cowers in the corner 
every time I enter a Danish design shop. 

Simple order swings like a pendulum taming my eclectic disorder as I browse
 and dream of an organized living space.   
And then, I turn the corner...
and the mustached man snaps me back to reality 
as I plan the perfect spot for him right next to the paper maché donkey from Mexico.

Around every corner, brilliance is everywhere...
are these umbrellas with the unsightly inner workings on top.
They are masters at mixing new with old...
 like this cafe that appears to be hovering outside a renovated warehouse.

 The Royal Library, part of the Royal Danish library system, 
has an amazing facility at the harbor,
and the largest library in Scandanavia,
so cool it has a nickname...
Black Diamond. 
Creativity abounds.

Even the street lights,
hanging from wires above...
are designed to gently illuminate the street below 
without glaring into neighboring windows.
As Ren Man and I commented on the subtleness...
 one of my favorite Seinfeld segments came to mind. 
You know the one where Kramer refuses to sleep in his apartment 
because of the glaring red neon light on the street,
 so Jerry helps him out by staying in his apartment for a few nights.
No brain burning in Copenhagen...
at least not from lighting!

Happy Thursday.

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