“Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future.” – Gail Lumet Buckley

Our trip home this summer was choreographed to coincide 
with Ren Man's family reunion in upper state New York.
Years ago, my first introduction to the finger lakes region provoked
  comments like, "we need to buy a little cabin on this lake, 
one week is not enough time to enjoy the area, etc. etc. etc."
Every few years we return 
and all of the sudden someone clicks the mute button off,
and like parrots we recite, "we need to buy a little cabin on this lake, 
one week is not enough time to enjoy this area..."
We are partial to Keuka Lake and one reason is the town of Hammondsport, located on the southern tip of the lake and recently tied with Beaufort, NC for the title of...
In this part of the country,
every town is referred to as "Village of..." 
which only adds to the charm of each small gem scattered around the lakes,
just waiting to be discovered.
One evening as we strolled towards the ice cream shop, musical notes floated through the breeze.
Approaching the village square...
the feeling of nostalgia was overwhelming as a jazz group grooving in the bandstand delighted the crowd. 
Young and old were sitting on lawn chairs or lounging on blankets,
with coolers and picnic baskets beckoning nearby.
We stayed focused...
and purchased red velvet ice cream dipped in chocolate sprinkles 
before heading to the park to lick to the beat of the music.

As serendipity would have it...
our lodging for our days on the lake provided a blast from the past.
When Ren Man and I were married way back in the olden days...
the wedding took place in Texas.
Since most of his family (in a whispering voice) is from north of the Mason Dixon line, they weren't able to make the trip to the wedding.
Still wanting to celebrate with us, they are special that way,
we had two wedding receptions.
A southern reception following the wedding 
where a few brave northerners were in attendance,
and a northern reception following the honeymoon.
Well, long story boring...
we ended up hanging out right next door to...
what used to be Lakeside Inn and is today Lakeside Restaurant.
How bazaaro is that?

We arrived in New York just in time for a pre-reunion reunion with family on neighboring Seneca Lake...
where a team of 'skilled' relatives...
 presented an amazing fireworks display...
and fireside entertainment.
It was a special time.

Ren Man's sister and hubby joined us for some fun on the water...
to the tunes of...
what else...

These amazing days led up to the big shindig
 where the offspring of six siblings descended on Keuka Lake State Park...
for a few hours of catching up and introductions to the new generation.
For a group that doesn't get to see each other very often, 
they pick right up where they left off their last time together.
A perfect illustration of the heartwarming beauty of family reunions...
 and seals a spot in the... 
Top Five Reasons Going Home is the BEST Vacay.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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