“Only a rank degenerate would drive 1,500 miles across Texas without eating a chicken fried steak.” ― Larry McMurtry

Is there anyone else out there who plans their vacation days around meals?
You may have discovered our preference of strategic nibbling through our travels and this is no different at home.
In fact, the challenge is trying to balance trying something new while squeezing in our favorites as well.
Especially in Austin!

Since we were there for one night only...
we are impressed with ourselves for discovering two new eateries.
Recommended by our very cool hotel,
which I can NOT express enough love for...
we headed down Cesar Chavez to a taco stand...
with the firemen seal of approval...
confirming a great decision before the migas taco ever hit my mouth.
Laid back...
Austin style.

'The foodie' was itching to try out a new Thai restaurant in town so we headed to Sway for dinner...
and were blown away.
I am still craving their Tom kha soup.

Moving our culinary discoveries to the coast...
I finally made it to a gem of a cafe in Galveston suggested a few years ago.
In fact, I first heard about this place way before Hurricane Ike 
filled the historic building with over six feet of storm surge.
Fortunately, the owners have a survivor spirit and the place has been beautiful restored.
Located in close proximity to many of the tree sculptures...
 sprinkled throughout the city, its the perfect spot to take a break.

Wanting to treat Pappaw to the 'best' chicken fried steak lead us to 
our new favorite place to take visitors to Houston.
Upon entering...
I detected what sounded like live music.
Not knowing if my parents would be into this,
as we found a table closer to the band my mom began singing the words to the songs.
not only were we thoroughly entertained...
we followed their instructions...
and Pappaw ate what he could of the Texas size steak... 
 critiqued as "better than alot".
For a man who knows his chicken fried steak, that's a decent endorsement.
He did rave about the Texas River Bottom Gravy.
This place should be on your list.
Trust me.

As I write this post, my mouth is watering as we finally scored a reservation at Underbelly
placing 'food finds' firmly in the Top Five Reasons Going Home is the BEST Vacay.

Happy Thursday.

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