My Aberdeen Monday...

It seems, Sanford and Son, the American sitcom starring Redd Foxx, 
was based on the UK BBC version...
Both storylines took place in a junkyard or scrapyard, although Harry Steptoe liked to refer to his items as antiques.

Meanwhile, today we spotlight Steptoes Yard...,
with no sign of Albert Steptoe or his son, Harry.
Neighboring the St. Cyrus Nature Reserve,
 you have the perfect justification for a shopping extravaganza.
It is literally right next door.

Take a drive down along the coast...
and then, before or after your hike, spend a few hours scavenging through the four buildings completely filled with 'antiques'.

Our treasure hunting was cut short only because of the imposing sleet and snow.
Of course, while the freezing temperature did not impede our purchasing power, 
it did limit our desire to linger.

Definitely worth a return visit when it is a wee bit warmer.

Happy Monday.

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