"This past year may well prove to be the year that the Brooklyn restaurant scene went national. Sure you and I know what the borough has to offer but when Bon Appetit chooses two hometown restaurants, Battersby and Blanca, to be in its Top 10 of 2012 and zero from Manhattan, we have a watershed moment. Not to mention, quite a bit of controversy." ~ Brooklyn Exposed

Those of you that have followed my travels for long
 know there is always, always food involved.
We heard, before deciding to stay in Brooklyn, 
about a restaurant in the Williamsburg area...
where we could snack on arepas and pabellon while reliving our years in Caracas, Venezuela way back when 'the foodie' was five.
 Somehow the meal seemed more authentic...
as our table was conveniently located at the foot of the Avila mountain...
okay, okay...
maybe a photo of the Avila, but it felt as if we were sitting in some cafe in Altamira.
Regardless, it did not disappoint and we were reminded of our love for arepas...
and Venezuela as it was years ago.

Following the advice of our landlord, led us to my next Brooklyn spotlight...
where we actually enjoyed breakfast and lunch.
Rucola is a corner cafe/bar serving up a 'rustic Italian' menu and appears to be a popular place to meet up with friends.
Awesome food, friendly service and the typical cool Brooklyn decor all work together to make it a place you should add to your list.

We discovered

on our way to the pier and recalled seeing this Brooklyn bakery from my blog surfing.
It is about time someone baked reasonable size cookies...
 and they were easily popped into our mouth as we wandered. 

The coolness of Brooklyn can be viewed while window shopping...
everywhere you turn.

As mentioned before, we did not spend enough time in Brooklyn.
I know this because we did not make a dent in our 'Brooklyn to do list'.
Not even close on our 'where to eat in Brooklyn' list.

Needless to say, I already found our next lodging while there.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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