"When it comes to skiing, there's a difference between what you think it's going to be like, what it's really like, and what you tell your friends it was like." ~Author Unknown

Chamonix has plenty to offer its winter visitors.
There are two new teams ready to represent some nation in the Olympic luge event.
Which nation is still under consideration but my guess is the imagi-nation.
After being stuck behind a VERY cautious mom and child on the first time round...
the second run had them smiling.

The Chamonix Hockey Club, known as Les Chamois, provided the entertainment one night.
My first hockey game...
They seem to be better behaved on the ice in France so I don't feel like I really experienced a true game...
there was no blood and barely any pushing and shoving.
Although, plenty of contests and raffles in support of the youth league.
France saves the pushing and shoving for the slopes.
I had worked myself into a tizzy before we ever arrived in Chamonix because I had heard there would be button lifts.
What is a button lift you ask?
Sounds harmless.

I wish I could say that queuing up was the most stressful part of the entire process.
As four lines merged into single file...
 it took strategic maneuvering to stand my ground...
and impeded my real concern;
 observing everyone from three year old whippersnappers and up move towards the lift and go on their merry way.
At one point, inching closer to my moment of truth,
I remember thinking, "how hard can this be?"
The next thing I knew, the attendant handed me the bar and at this point...
my memory kicks into slow motion.
Is that Ren Man yelling...
"dooooon't siiiiiiit dooooooown!"
as I began to siiiiitt doooooown on that tiny button while being dragged forward.
Once my momentum headed down...
 to the ground...
that is where I ended up.
Of course,
they had to stop the silly lift as I crawled out of the way, composed myself and then watched as Ren Man and a few others passed by on their way to the top which was where I finally arrived after attempt #2.
The skiing was amazing and thankfully,
we were able to avoid the button lift for the rest of the day.

Happy Thursday.


  1. The button lift in the video looks like the exact same one learned on last weekend! I'm glad I got to practice in Scotland before heading over to France to make a fool of myself:) Chamonix looks magical. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You will look like a pro in Morzine. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Y'all are making me nervous to use these button lifts!!

  4. You will do fine! Practicing with the ski pole is a great idea.


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