Wednesday Photo Challenge: Beyond

As much as I dread a walk in the rain,
there is something about a stroll in the snow that's magical.
Where rain agressively pummels with the intent to annoy,
snow lightly and passively drifts without a care in the world.
Snow makes gray skies a bit more bearable.
As the day progressed, 
my camera caught a glimpse of something beyond;
beyond my reflection and snow covered gates ...
beyond sunbathing seagulls and rooftops...
  Mr. Blue Sky muscled his way through the clouds to say hello.
He didn't stay long...
just long enough to help me see beyond these dark days of winter.

This photo theme addresses an often unexpected aspect of photography.
Especially with my amateur status.
Here is the uncropped photo from the post yesterday...
where the real party is beyond our group.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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