"...adults dressed up in all of their finery, sipping on champagne & brewskies, dancing, laughing and getting giddy, all in a cow pasture surrounded by miles of heirlooms and antiquities." ~ Cactus Creek

Antique Week in Round Top has been a part of 'the foodie's' life for the last five years spent working her tail off.
this year, momma helped her experience retail from the other side of the cash register.
More photos next week.
this morning...
 it's all about the prom.

The Junk-O-Rama Prom...
where women and a few men give "ode to the forgotten prom dress".

This year the shindig took place beside the Junk Gypsy tent and Zapp Hall in Warrenton where great music...
inspired dancing under the big Texas sky filled with twinkling stars...
and even offered the opportunity 
for that prom photo shoot to remember the evening for years to come.
Which will come in handy for many of the attendees who will have a hard time remembering every detail of the night.
Fun times!
I leave you with a little Friday Filosophy from Royer's new star... 
It was fitting to end day 30 of my Whole30 experience
 with a slice of their Junk Berry Pie
 topped with Amy's vanilla ice cream of course...
because at Royer's you pay extra 
if you don't top your pie with ice cream!
Gotta love it!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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