Weekly Photo Challenge: Free-Spirit

We were unleashed for some real shopping in an area of town where many factories have shut their doors.

Middleport Pottery was recently spotlighted for producing pure English, from clay to pot, earthenware since 1851.  Moving to its current model Victorian factory on the Trent and Mersey canal in 1889, Burleigh pottery continues to produce quality pieces using craftmanship and techniques that have been in place since 1862.  

HRH the Prince of Wales, explains why, through The Princes Regeneration Trust, he is providing support...

to this proud factory.

When we arrived,
the actual factory was quiet and empty of factory workers because they were all enjoying a weeks holiday.
Meanwhile, there was one guy, the friendliest employee ever...
who was sprucing up the garden, but took the time to show me the bottle kiln around back.
 Along the way he explained where each stage of a piece of pottery is performed, which at one time began when the clay was lifted off of canal boats with a huge crane.  
If this kindness wasn't enough...
inside the shop, they serve coffee, tea and biscuits while you shop.

Nice touch.

Out of all of the factory shops we visited...
Burleigh has a different feel to it.
One of pride and the willingness to preserve their independence from the large 'gobble up the little guy' corporations.
Somehow they have maintained that small, free-spirit, feel.
Well worth a visit.

More shopping tomorrow...
but today just have a wonderful Wednesday!

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