"Buying something on sale is a very special feeling. In fact, the less I pay for something, the more it is worth to me. I have a dress that I paid so little for that I am afraid to wear it. I could spill something on it, and then how would I replace it for that amount of money?" ~Rita Rudner

After our visit to Burleigh,
we had one more stop on our itinerary for that day...
and the shop closed at five.
A detail we were reminded of by employees strumming their fingers at the checkout,
as we admired Wedgwood platters for 9£. 

We could almost feel the breeze from the doors shutting behind us as we cheerfully steered more goodies to the car.

Day one...✔

Giggles ensue when I recall our entrance into our first stop the next morning...
where the names on the sign alone stirred the excitement that was brewing inside of us newbies.  
Still new to these factory store prices,
imagine our delight...
when we entered the shop.
Yes, you read that correctly...
50@ off the already low prices of my Christmas pattern and Blue Italian!
Needless to say, the next few hours led to these...
baskets full of Portmeirion therapy.

It needs to go on record that I was able to squeeze all of my purchases into a single basket.
But then again, I am just a beginner.
Why did I ever doubt that we could have so much fun shopping for pottery.

Happy Thursday.


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