“There is no moment of delight in any pilgrimage like the beginning of it.” ~ Charles Dudley Warner

Just mention 'road trip' and my bag is packed and on the stoop waiting.
The purpose or destination of the road trip makes little difference to me;
 simply driving with family or friends, 
free to roam and explore 
= adventure.

Our early departure provided views like this one,
and also kept us focused on plowing towards the land of pottery.

One passenger was excited about our destination days before we left, 
because she has been to Stoke-on-Trent many times.
The rest of us, heard English pottery...
and thought...

Our first destination was a 'Friday only' sale at Moorcroft Pottery only to be stopped outside by a piece of paper with the most unwelcoming words. 
The sale ended 2 hours earlier because everything was sold...
to the early birds.
Now, not being familiar with the brand, I was impressed by this run on pottery...
and the competitive spirit took over.
We were now participants in a race,
and although we might be a few laps behind...
 our initial dissapointment faded quickly as we picked up speed over the next few days.

We did visit the Moorcroft visitor center and museum just to see what we had missed, 
and for the repeat visitor,
it was like rubbing salt in a wound.

For the newbies,
our interest had definitely been peaked. 

The panorama of Stoke-on-Trent is an indication of its once important role in the history of English pottery.
Empty and boarded up 'bottle kilns' rise above the skyline, proudly reminding visitors of a once vibrant industry.

Much to our delight there are still plenty of factories producing some beautiful pottery.

Fortunately, we had a master pottery shopper who put alot of effort into mapping out which factories to visit, 
so stop by each day this week for tips on planning your own trip.

Happy Tuesday.

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