Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

When I read the theme for this weeks photo challengeI thought...
For the first time, Ren Man and I are urbanites, so photos of my 'hood' should be a breeze.

Although, what does the population need to be in order to claim 'urban'?
Those living in downtown Anahuac, population 2,000 can hardly declare an urban existance.

wikipedia offers the proof that indeed Aberdeen is 37th on the list of urban cities in the UK.

In the U.S. they look at population density.  
How many people living within a certain amount of space.
"About 82 percent of the population of the United States lives within the boundaries of urbanized area as of December, 2010.[15] Combined, these areas occupy about 2 percent of the United States." Wikipedia
I cannot get my head wrapped around that piece of information.

then I read the fine print of the challenge, and the professional photographer mentions 'exposure compensation' and using 'backlighting'.
That's when intimidation crept it.
I mean,
there is a chance my auto selector is taking care of all of that for me. Right?

I will concentrate on content.
Urban content.
Apparently, the dogs here can read and they love to play soccer.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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