"I have a dream..." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Forty nine years ago, on this day, that infamous speech was delivered and the words still resonate in my mind and fill me with hope. 

Source: via Marti on Pinterest

Thats what dreams are for, I think...
to give us hope.
So, I went looking for dreams on Pinterest and was entertained by what people pin on their 'dream' boards. 

Like a goal, some are simple and obtainable while others require hard work and patience and sometimes are out of our singular hands.

That's the beauty of a dream,
I mean, they are not exactly tangible...
you can't hold them in your hands,
so our dreams have no limitations.
They are free to change, evolve, and maybe even grow into something better.
Source: weheartit.com via Trish on Pinterest

 Unless you write them down of course,
and they become a goal...
 and the real work begins.

Anyway, it seemed like a good day to explore dreams and it is definitely a dreamy day here because...
 the sun is shining☀.

While meandering through blogland...
 I came across this interesting blog where their posts consist of 
Five Words 
beautifully and simply presented.
every day.

Have a dreamy Tuesday.

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