Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

Walking along the Newburgh-on-Ythan golf course, overlooking the estuary...
the desire to take up this time-consuming game snuck up on me from out of nowhere.
It is days like this I would even consider the possibility.
I mean, the sun was shining... 
68° is perfect for golf attire, which I would get to... I mean need to acquire... and we are living in Scotland.
Discussions have commenced, need I say more.

All of this was going through my head as we walked toward the point where the Ythan River meets the North Sea...
offering a perfect example for this weeks photo challenge.
Although, nature provided the merging here.

Merging, smerging...
the big show was across the river.
I knew this because crowds of people were focusing their telephoto lenses on these mounds laying on the beach of the peninsula across the water. 
As I followed their zoom...
hundreds of grey seals, were enjoying the sun.
Not lamenting as I commented yesterday.
I found this video from two years ago but is an accurate account of what we saw and heard.

BBC calls it...singing.

There were a few in the water, getting their aerobic exercise but the current of the tidal action from the North Sea was nothing compared to 
their earlier training as a pup.
Maybe that's why...
as adults...
they spend so much time just lying around.
I will need more research.

Happy Tuesday!

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