"Wander through the towering sand dunes of Forvie and discover a landscape moved and moulded by the wind." ~ Forvie NNR

One of the greatest assets Scotland has to offer are its ubiquitous locations for walking about.  
From casual coastal hikes to strenuous hill climbing, there is something for every skill level.
Ren Man and I are finally making more of an effort to seize those moments we are in town and the weather suits our liking.
Those two criteria alone have severely limited the number of times I have actually pulled on my hiking boots.

This past weekend was perfect and we chose...
because of its close proximity to where we had heard the seals are hanging out.
Forvie Sands is also located along the Ythan estuary...
which offered the added bonus of a large bird population swooping in and around searching for breakfast.
The largest breeding colony in Britain of eider duck is located at Forvie Nature Reserve.

As we headed out on the 3.5 mile loop,
along the well marked path between the river and the sea, 
the grey sky,
 like a bully...

teased and threatened to rain on our lovely walk...
until it was chased away by my hero...
blue sky, 
who maintained control for the rest of the day.

Drop on by tomorrow for the coastal views of the walk.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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