Thrilling Thursday...

returning to our lovely walk through the Forvie Sands Nature Reserve, 
the waves gently rolling onto the beach could be heard,
 as we crested the top of the sand dunes.

The photo I posted earlier this week for the 
weekly photo challenge was not exactly what they asked for and the lingering feeling of having passed up a perfectly good challenge got the best of me. 
So here is my attempt at merging the written word sea 
with me, at the sea.
I feel much better now...
and I learned a new skill.
 Ren Man and I basically had the beach to ourselves so our walk became more of a meander until we reached the marking for the path to complete our loop.
Once back on the trail...
we noticed these numbered posts, and...
but the peaceful view of the countryside, 
completely different than the dunes just to the south,
 beckoned for us to stay focused...
as we returned to the shoreline of the estuary.

And now for the thrilling part...
today is a very special day,
it's my mom's birthday.

She is special...
and extremely talented too.
She is part of The Love Notes,
 a women's singing group, 
not sure of their touring schedule these days... 
is 1/3 of the Q-tips seen recently on Traveling Simile.
Virtual hugs and kisses are blowing your way mom.
I love you!

Have a thrilling Thursday!

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