"I love tapas. They're like appetizers for a meal that never comes." ~ Marge Simpson

Finding good restaurants in Barcelona is not a problem...
its narrowing down the choices that can be overwhelming.

The spots we will clammer back to on future visits:
Tapas 24 serving tapas, of course, is laid back, creative, and memorable from beginning... sangria, to end...chocolate mousse drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt. 
I still crave the tacos de cochinito pibil
that soooo delighted in the middle.

bubo' in the Born area...
serves a tasty tapas menu with the added bonus of incredible delights in the neighboring cake shop where you can choose your dessert.
Can Ramonet, located at the marina, takes you back a few years the moment you walk into the intimate front bar/tapas area.  This was the one suggestion we took from the hotel concierge who percieved exactly what we were looking for. 
We finally got to taste those razor clams spied at the market, 
well, not the exact ones but maybe their cousins, 
while enjoying an unhurried seafood meal. 

All of this said...
I have to present the meal that rivals all of the above.
A bikini sandwich, basically a grilled ham and cheese, fresh squeezed orange juice, hot cappucino and the sand at our feet.
That's what I'm talking about.

Happy Friday...
and enjoy your weekend.

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