"The Blue Mansion stands today as a testament of the successful effort of heritage conservation and protection throughout Penang." ~ Cheongfatttzemansion.com

As mentioned previously,
George Town street art kept us preoccupied on our first visit to Penang.
However, we also discovered strong arguments
 to keep this city on repeat while living in Malaysia.

The Blue Mansion played a huge part...
in the conservation efforts in Penang... 

and stands as a testament...
to the value of preserving history.
The architects responsible for the restoration of Cheong Fatt Tze's home...
received the prestigious UNESCO Most Excellent Project in 2000.
A tour is well worth your time and guest rooms are also available.

Whether it is because of its UNESCO attention or its general coolness,
George Town seems to have strong patrons for the arts...
who brought the United Buddy Bears back to Malaysia...
after a visit to KL back in 2011.
We keep running into them. 
They happened to be in Berlin when we were visiting
 earlier that same year.

Georgetown is bursting with youthful energetic entrepreneurs.
Our favorite cup of coffee was enjoyed at Mugshot Cafe...
 with a convenient pass through to a delicious bakery...
and further back...
a shop where you can have your eyes tested and leave with a cool pair of shades.

Easy Brew is another spot for coffee lovers...
to pick out coffee beans to be
roasted, ground and packaged for you to take home.
Of course, you can also enjoy a cup of joe
on their nice terrace in the back.
Quite an operation.

Choices, choices, choices in accommodations...
depending on how much space you need...
 for a good nights sleep.
This Container Hotel has a bonus killer bakery at the other end.
(mentioned below)

We obviously prefer a bit more room... 
and the E&O...
 was offering a honeymoon special...
we enjoyed the special attention.

Always at the top of our list is the food,
and does George Town deliver.
Red Garden is indeed a food paradise...
and the perfect location to sample the many local flavors of Malaysia
 while listening to some entertaining live music. 

If you want to spend a few more bucks and sit upon a non-plastic chair,
 Kebaya Dining Room is a always a very good idea.
 Kebaya is also a choice for accommodations
and this sculpture in the courtyard is amazing.
Walking from one side to the other,
the giraffe becomes an elephant right before your very eyes.
Most definitely my favorite sculpture in George Town.

Lavish Bakery by Love A Loaf
 is the place you need to go for pure yumminess 
The napkin speaks the truth...
it is impossible to wipe the smile off your face!

China House could have been mentioned...
  in the food section #5 for its huge selection of cakes...
but it really deserves a category all its own.
It is field trip worthy.
and gets even cooler at night...
when the live music gets started.
Even its website is an adventure.

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