"Petronas Tower. That's the 2 tall buildings in Malaysia and they're my favorites. Sometimes I think they talk to each other because they hold hands." - Mia, Miss You Like Crazy

When Kuala Lumpur,  
KL to the locals,
comes up in conversation,
most likely your first visual...

will be the Petronas Twin Towers.

Quite the icon for the capital city of Malaysia
and the perfect stop to hop on the bus...
for a spin around the city...
through Little India,
past ubiquitious shopping malls,
 and always my favorite...
through colorful Chinatown.
Leave it to Nando's to sponsor a local art initiative.
I have raved about this place here 
and continue to be impressed with their cool business savvy.

KL is filled with colorful, creative clusters of art,
and museums demanding my return.
I can only dream about what beautiful textiles abide within.
This KL Monorail line services the busy Golden Triangle area of the city 
and is one of the components of a larger rail system 
helping the city defuse its traffic tensions.
Built by a Chinese millionaire,
and once occupied by the Japanese Govenor
 during most of the World War II occupation,
Istana Negara, National Palace, 
also housed the British Military Administration,
before eventually becoming the residence of the Supreme King of Malaysia
after their independence from British Colonial Rule 
on August 31, 1957.

The drive back into town
 was threatened by rain...
and the traffic I'd heard so much about.

One beautiful aspect of the HOHO bus 
is the opportunity to speed up the loop 
by hoofing it between stops.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, 
the sky emptied and cleared...
for more wandering about before meeting Ren Man for sunset cocktails... 
and a fabulous dinner at Cantaloupe.

Thanks for the great first impression KL.

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