"Life is nothing without a little chaos to make it interesting." ~ Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Just so you know...
I have not been sitting around eating bon bons, 
watching Thai TV since my last post...
 way back in April.

I have however...
welcomed the new Thai year by riding an elephant...
and since we were in Chiang Mai...
spent some time shopping for treasures...
to embellish our new home in Bangkok.
(more on Chiang Mai in a future post)

While home for Mother's Day and dad's birthday...

I also experienced a kitchen redo and lived to tell about it.

Ren Man finally had the chance to enjoy the details of my world during a move...
 for the first time in nine moves!
Yes, we have moved nine times in our married life,
and since there is packing up and unpacking,
that is 18 times dealing with moving companies.
But who's counting? Ha!

The Thai New Year celebration delayed our shipment
 and did not arrive before my scheduled trip home,
so he had the pleasure of supervising the delivery and unpacking.
Needless to say, since my return to Bangkok 
I have been busy filling all of the empty spaces with our belongings.

Although these last few months have been chaotic,
it is so comforting to be greeted by our Sewadee Lady 
and all our stuff.
Readily admitting they are just things...
these familiar treasures 
sure do help turn a leased condo on the other side of the world 
into our home away from home.

Meanwhile, there has been travel here and there 
and I look forward to sharing more with you soon, very soon.  

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