"The traditional Thai house is ideally adapted to its environment. The open high-pitched roof facilitates air circulation. Open windows and walls in combination with a large central terrace provide ideal ventilation and offer relief from the hot and humid climate. Wide overhanging eaves protect the house from sun and rain. Rainwater runs off the steep roof quickly and falls through the permeable terrace and house floors. The use of wood and bamboo reflects the once abundant forests that provided these materials ubiquitously and cheaply. In the past, an agricultural society existed in relative harmony with its natural environment." ~ Asian Historical Architecture

Khun Preeda opens his 'living Thai House museum'
 every once in a while, 
offering others a chance to explore the practicalities of Thai homes.
So many of the beautiful potted plants…
and floating flowers…
provide feng shui harmony for the front door…
(something about not facing the right direction)
while enticing visitors to buy some of the beautiful porcelain and celedon pieces from his factory.

Ten years of researching and collecting, 
like a conductor of the symphony bringing together the sounds of each instrument, 
Knun Preeda has orchestrated a harmonic home... 
for his children and grandchildren.

Always on the prowl for distinct pieces to incorporate into the home,
he came across a chicken coop with intricate details.
When told he had to buy the chickens in order to buy the coop,
he left as the proud owner of beautifully carved pieces and its inhabitants.
Rooster pillows now grace the bed in the room where the coop was installed.

Each of the four houses... 

surround a central terrace where he has fond memories of his boys playing.
Khun Preeda is also a collector of antiques...
and shared tips on how to tell the difference... 
between something old looking and a true antique.
Continuing my infatuation with elephants…
this lovely celedon lamp now lights up our home.

this weekend kicks off the Thai New Year with the Songkran Festival,
and Ren Man and I are headed to Chang Mai with water guns on hand.
Sawadee Pee Mai.
Happy New Year Thailand!

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