"They say it's your birthday...I would like you to dance (Birthday) Take a cha-cha-cha-chance (Birthday) I would like you to dance (Birthday) Dance!" ~ The Beatles

Being halfway across the world from family is one major drawback of the expat life.
Especially on special days like today, which is already March 12th…BTW.
This twelve hour time difference is hindering my communication.

So... in my continuing effort to get caught up with past travels,
and share those special places you will want to add to your bucket list,
let us take a look at some of the art in Prague
as we celebrate the...
in a simultaneous broadcast.

'The Foodie' met us in Amsterdam…
for our adventure to the Czech Republic 
and boy did Airbnb come through with flying colors.
Having been on my travel wish list for quite some time,
squeezing in a visit before the move to southeast Asia worked out nicely.
Prague was gearing up for its annual Christmas market...
and trumpets blared Good King Wenceslas over the heads of the crowd.
As the capital of the Czech Republic, 
Prague is also the historical capital of Bohemia, 
the western area of the country.

Covering nineteen miles within the city,
the River Vltava is crossed by eighteen bridges…
The Charles Bridge...
being the most famous and therefore,
filled with plenty of entertainment, 
and rarely free of tourists for a decent photo!

The river and its banks offer many opportunities to be on the water...
although our brief stay and the chilly temps did not allow.

It is quite perfect that Beatlemania is alive and well in Prague…
as Lennon was a symbol of peace for the youth,
 who since the 1980's, have been painting love notes to the world on the Lennon Wall.
And then…
there is this song…
to put music
to the written word.

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