"Home is where my habits have a habitat" ~ Fiona Apple

Yes, I am still here.
We have been busy with all the captivating 'firsts'.
You know…
FIRST Chinese New Year celebrated in Thailand…
which we celebrated with our FIRST visit to Chinatown...

and enjoyed dim sum at the Cotton Restaurant,
housed in the conveniently located and quaint Shanghai Mansion Hotel.
As we munched on steamed baskets of dumplings, 
the large tables filled with family members was endearing,
and I was reminded of the tradition of the red envelopes 
lovingly gifted to the younger generations seated around the table.
Ren Man also successfully negotiated our FIRST tuk tuk excursion 
back to the subway station, or locally known as the MRT (Metropolitan Rapid Transit).
And when I say successfully,
I mean we made it to our destination with only one stop 
for the driver to ask a colleague where the MRT was. Ha!

our apartment search was fruitful,
and we received the keys to an amazing view of our FIRST sunset in Bangkok.
We are living with our newly arrived air shipment supplies, yay, 
and a few rented pieces of furniture until our sea shipment arrives in a month or so.
Not sure I will ever get fully on board with the minimalist movement everyone is raving about, 
but I have to admit the blank walls and empty spaces are very calming.
Although, at the same time…
filled with possibilities!

The apartment, from this moment on referred to as 'The Raj' because of its address,
overlooks the Royal Bangkok Sports Club, 
where the horse races, cricket games, and daily golfers 
have sent Ren Man on a search for the perfect telescope.
How else will we know which horse wins the race?
I, on the other hand, am in search of silver mint julep cups.

As you know, watching sunsets is a habit of mine,
and fortunately, our new habitat will offer a daily viewing.
I'll toast to that!

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