"Every summer has a story…" ~ unknown

Across the pond,
Labor Day is a book-end to summer,
where crisp linen outfits and white shoes know the time has arrived
to be stored away until Easter.

Here in Scotland,
 the end of summer is subtle as the daylight hours 
grow shorter day by day, 
and the ubiquitous fields of harvested hay…
wait for use during the approaching autumn and winter days.

Meanwhile, after a whirlwind summer.
there is much to tell,
I do believe I will begin at the end.

Ren Man and I just returned from a weekend road trip to...
 the west coast of Scotland, 
where we wandered about Oban
and spent the night at the lovely Manor House Hotel, 
a Georgian villa built in 1780 for the Duke of Argyll.

Overlooking the Oban harbour
our breakfast view was only a teaser before sensory overload…
 as we boarded the ferry...
and headed to the Isle of Mull
where its mouth opened wide and spit us out.
Only the clouds changed as often as the scenery.
Single lane roads give you the feel of being the only visitors 
until of course you end up behind a tour bus, 
although drivers are very considerate 
and pull over at the designated 'passing places' when necessary.
I do believe we came very close to exploring all 338 square miles of this Inner Hebrides isle...

as we breezed through villages…
and walked along the crystal clear waters 
of Calgary Beach...
where we were NOT tempted at all to take a dip.
Boats turn up in the most creative ways.

More on Mull in the coming days.

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