"Edinburgh is a mad god's dream…" Hugh MacDiarmid

As usual…
it takes an eager visitor to shake up our normal routine while in Edinburgh,
where for the next month,
 nothing will be normal. 
 Fringe Festival has taken over the city and is currently diverting the attention of all. 
Events are scheduled all over town 
in small and large venues,
providing a great opportunity to see the city
 while theatre, music, comedy and more literally ooze from every street corner.

For example,
while in town most recently,
we finally made it to the Royal Botanic Garden
where our attempt to break the Guinness World Record for a group tree hugging 
is still awaiting official confirmation.
I was accused of finding the most unlovable trees of all to show our affection.
In August, as a venue, you can enjoy Fringe and the gardens all in one swoop.
See what I mean?

Having walked past St. Giles Cathedral many times,
its location on the Royal Mile, 
 is front and center for street performers 
and small snippets of fun to entice you over to the full events around town.
St. Giles offers an oasis worthy of a few moments of reflection, 
but is also a venue for Fringe events, some of which are free.

One of my fave shopping haunts in Edinburgh is usually frantic at best,
however, since our visitor was here for the longest day of the year…
 we were in search of a view…
and we finally slowed down enough
 to check out Harvey Nichols Fourth Floor Bar.
A lovely place to watch nightfall, 
and also overlooks a Fringe venue at St. Andrews square.

We enjoyed one impressive event coinciding with the Fringe…
and is mentioned right here on TS…
the Military Tattoo... 
which takes place outside the Edinburgh Castle each evening. 
However, somehow we have avoided actually exploring this historical castle until now.
Ren Man even had the pleasure of watching them set off the One o'clock Gun
fired every Monday through Saturday at,
well, you guessed it
1:00 p.m. since June 7, 1861.
Quite an amazing view of this city we have grown to love. 
Hugs and kisses to our visitor for giving us the opportunity to examine it more closely.

Hugh MacDiarmid, in his poem quoted above, continues

"...But irresistibly at last 
Cleaving to sombre heights 
Of passionate imagining…" 

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