"My sister Moira used to say that in her memory our childhood in India was in Technicolor and that when we came back to England it all became black and white." ~ Diplomatic Baggage, Brigid Keenan

What a perfect way to describe Marrakech, or Marrakesh.

I found myself feeling warm and fuzzy 
as so many characteristics remind me or our years in Mexico.

For this reason, 
and many more,
 I was pleasantly surprised by Marrakech.
Over the next few posts,
I will do my best to entice you to fully experience the tastes and smells
 and sights of Marrakech, Morocco.

Thankfully, the flowers are in full bloom here in Aberdeen,
and like PGA golfers, embellish all the green,
disguising the black and white and grey
for now.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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