My Aberdeen Monday...

What is it about something so tiny and green,
and the hope it represents?
Watching small buds burst onto the scene as the tree outside our window wakes up from its winter nap,
 a whole other emotion is added to the increasingly longer days and warmer temps.
At least in between the hail storms and 10-15 dips in the temperature to 32°.
Yep, yesterday was like Sybil and her many personalities.

on Saturday we enjoyed a sunset walk on the property of a friend's home away from home.
The long driveway through the trees
 reminded me of our home in Texas…
until the daffodils growing willy nilly came into view.

Anglers enjoy the lake…
as did we...
 as the sun provided the perfect spotlight onto the calm waters.
Memories were made here.
While visiting one Christmas,
their son made a special...
and she said yes.
As their assignment here in Scotland draws to an end, 
it was a sweet time strolling and listening to their stories.
This enormous tree sitting right outside their house…
was planted in honor of Queen Victoria's Julilee…
and I can't quite make out the date but clearly in the 1800's.

Not a bad place to hang out for a few years.

Happy Monday.

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