My Aberdeen Monday...

Do you have one of those friends who fits like a glove?
You know the ones who are stored away for a season of life,
raising their own family on the other side of the world,
and then all of the sudden circumstances change.
The children grow up and move on.

Like my red leather gloves,
  waiting to warm my hands each winter,
those friends, regardless of time away,
instantly rekindle my heart. 

So when an 'old but still young' college buddy 
flew all the way across the pond to visit,
we caught up with each others lives
 over croissants and coffee.
While we were making memories
we discovered new treasures in London and Paris
and then headed north to Scotland,
where the sun is welcoming each new day much earlier
and hanging around longer. 
 Spring is peeking out 
all across town.

I'm baaaaack
 with much to share.

Happy Monday.

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