Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

After many previous attempts, 
while in Amsterdam,
I was finally able to book entry into the Anne Frank Museum,
located in the building which houses the secret annex
where Anne and her family hid behind a movable bookcase.
(there is a reason photography is not allowed, postcards are for sale in the bookshop, duh)
 Hopeful windows were cruelly covered to conceal its residents,
 and hidden for two years, never leaving those rooms, they were eventually betrayed and discovered.
The Diary of Anne Frank had its beginning the year Anne became a teenager and went with her into hiding.  While there, she rewrote her notes and stories, hoping to publish them after the war, but was unable to finish before she was arrested and later died in a concentration camp at the age of sixteen.

Walking through the rooms of this museum is impactful and after descending the stairs from the secret place, the thought provoking Free2choose exhibit allows you to explore where you stand on human rights issues around our world where racism and extremism have no place.

Booking online beforehand allows you to avoid the long queue always waiting outside...
even in the rain.

My selfie for this weeks challenge was taken way back when…
on a sunny day while Flat Stacey was visiting Amsterdam with us.

The Anne Frank House traveling exhibition will actually be in Georgetown, Texas 
at the library during March, April and May of this year. 
Well worth a look see if you are in the neighborhood.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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