"Life handed him a lemon, As Life sometimes will do. His friends looked on in pity, Assuming he was through. They came upon him later, Reclining in the shade In calm contentment, drinking A glass of lemonade." ~ The Optimist,

After a last minute change of plans,
an attempt was made to travel a day later.
Now, if we were talking road trip this would not matter.
Airlines are another story when you are flying economy and book the cheapest flight available.
Fortunately for me,
it would cost more to change my flight than pay one nights accommodation,
so what started as a big pain, 
ended up providing a whimsical day and night solo in one of my favorite cities…

I returned to an old favorite
for its convenience to The Nine Streets and the many distractions.

Strolling along the Singel Canal,
a late lunch allowed an empty table to finally check off another suggestion gleaned from a city guide article.
What is called a broodje in Amsterdam,
 arrived at my table looking more like a deep dish pizza hiding most of the plate.
After eating way too much of my sandwich, 
a brisk walk was in order.
Even in the rain.

Interrupted only by tempting windows like this
where I may have made a purchase,
and this classic...

Everywhere I turned, 
twenty somethings impressed me with their energy and passion; 
both necessary when opening a shop of your own. 

Hear, Hear is filled with creatively displayed objects…
chosen by a business savvy young woman 
with a polished sense of style and taste.
Love the quote from Little Women.

You have to adore a shop that bakes cookies all day long 
pulling in customers by their noses alone, 
which is exactly what happened my first visit.
I was defenseless to the hook shaped aroma pulling me through the door.
And then,
I knew I needed to return the next morning for more of the... 
to share with Ren Man on our train ride to Brussels.
Take a few minutes and read their story of the search for the perfect cookie.

Another find
filled my longtime desire for a Jonathan Adler vase no longer available…
photo by houzz.com
and even though very different,
it has the same effect,
and was a fraction of the cost.
This day continued to save Ren Man money.

As you can see,
Amsterdam is certainly a wonderful place to make lemonade.

Happy Tuesday.

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