"Belgium is an abnormality. It is a state with two major linguistic groups where the Dutch-speaking majority forms the Flemish nation, but where the French-speaking Walloons do not regard themselves as a nation in their own right but rather as a part of the French nation and consequently a national minority within Belgium. If Belgium fitted the normal patterns, it would have developed in either of two directions: Belgium could have become the nation-state of its Flemish majority, or the Flemings and the Walloons could have become subnations of a Belgian nation. Neither is the case." ~ Brussels Journal

As if.
Seriously, it is not as if we need a reason to travel, 
but the chance to wander up and down aisles and aisles of boats at the Belgium Boat Show
 lured Ren Man to the country of two languages. 
Of course, you had me at Hello... waffles and chocolate.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith paid off again (literally, because we used our points from past reservations)
 as we landed at Be Manos
for the weekend.

Crisp black and white is the theme…
filled with playful art…
even edible…
with pops of color throughout.

Since the boat show took place in nearby Gent, 
being near the train station was helpful 
and most areas of the city are an easy, 
although sometimes less than attractive, stroll away.

Be Manos offered a great first impression of this somewhat confusing country(?).

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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