"Witness heart-stopping illusions, mind-bending manoeuvres, breathtaking dance moves and thrilling live music from a coterie of highly skilled international performers." ~ Limbo, Edinburgh Christmas

Ren Man and I spent this past weekend in Edinburgh 
where Christmas Cheer has covered the city inside and out.
More on the twinkling lights later.
the Christmas market awaits, 
or if shopping is not your thing,
the amazing show, Limbo,
 set up in St. Andrews square.

No photos were allowed inside,
so you will just have to trust me on this. 
Inside the small circus inspired tent,
because of its size, 
everything was up close and personal.
there were guys dangling over our heads, 
snatching eye glasses out of shirts pockets 
and programs out of the hands of the awe-struck audience.

Definitely worth a trip down 
to experience Edinburgh's Christmas
 if you are in the area.

Texas here I come!

Happy Monday.

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