Rules for a funner life...

One of my favorite lines in my newest favorite Christmas movie The Holiday,
 after Iris receives some brilliant advise from her new friend in LA,
she replies
"You're supposed to be the leading lady in your own life, for God's sake!"
I love that.

Meanwhile, as I carpe diem
I have entered a writing contest.
Now, if you are one of the few who visits my blog regularly, 
you will notice the low occurrence of comments at the bottom of each post.
Since many of the categories for winning this contest depend on comments, 
I do not have any misconceived notions of winning, 
but have enjoyed the process and am quite impressed with Expats Blog, the sponsor.

Anyway, next week my post should go live so get ready to seize the day 
and leave me a lovely comment.
More info then.

In the meantime,
have a wonderful weekend.

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