"In Berlin, however, Moholy turned his camera around and pointed it straight down at the ground. This plunging perspective showed off the spectacular narrowness of the Radio Tower, finished in 1926, which rose vertiginously to a height of 450 feet from a base seven times smaller than that of its Parisian predecessor (which opened in 1889)." ~ Art Institute Chicago, Entry, Essential Guide, 2013, p.291

Well, my Polish pottery arrived,
 so todays post will be short and sweet,
as bubble wrap is screaming to be removed.

Since our trip to Berlin was a birthday celebration,
we chose a place known for its parties…
members only...
which includes hotel guests.
Although, its 'no photo' rule cramped my style, 
it was a cool place to hang out.

We enjoyed…
and the convenience to many Berlin icons.

Nearby, the TV Tower provided the perfect…
and quite the sight...  
both day and night.

Happy Thursday.

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