"Berlin is a city condemned forever to becoming and never to being." ~Karl Scheffler

Before brightening your world with visions of Polish pottery…
there is more to say about Berlin.

Our taxi driver compared Berlin to a sand box 
with something always in the process of being created or restored.

One such building, the Reichstag
has quite the history,
and once again, is home to the German Parliament.
The dome in the background has become the most famous landmark in Berlin
visited by over 34 million people since its opening.

Registration prior to your visit is mandatory,
and upon arrival a guide escorts all tourists to a lobby
to wait for a lift
to the roof
  blocking direct solar rays.
Your reflection accompanies you…
 as the ramp leads you up, up, up...

to an observation deck…
providing a full panorama of Berlin...

before reaching the top.
Quite extraordinary,
and well worth planning ahead.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. The dome is so super neat! But my nighttime experience was very different. Look for my pics soon :)

    1. Oh...I look forward to seeing and will post a link for the nighttime view. We were torn when choosing but ended up with a clear sunny day.


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